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Finding the right partner to produce your video production is crucial to its success. In order to help you make an informed decision, here are a few common questions and some brief answers about our company. Of course, for more detailed information please feel free to give us a call with no obligation.

Why should I work with CBP?

While it's easy to get wrapped up in the visual "look" of a production, you also need relevant messaging in order to create a successful product. That's where our experience as marketers and content developers really makes the difference.

  • If you have an important message to communicate, we'll make sure your people "get it."
  • If you have a product or service to sell, we'll help you craft a pitch that will entice customers to buy it.
  • If you need to instruct or educate, we'll ensure that your audience fully comprehends and understands.

We believe it's the message and the results that matter most... and then we back it up with creative production techniques, cutting-edge equipment, and a long history of success for our clients.

What will my production cost?

Early in any conversation, the question always comes up... "How much will it cost?" We know it's an important question, but unfortunately there's no simple answer. We tend to compare it to the open question "How much does a car cost?" And the answer is really the same; it depends on a variety of factors.

There's a lot that goes into a production including content development, scripting, creative design, shooting, locations, crews, talent, editing, music, graphics and more. The cost of your particular project will directly hinge on the production requirements.

We can tell you that over the years we've done productions as low as a few thousand dollars to as high as $400,000+, with many projects falling on the lower range of that scale. But if the audience's reaction to your message is the most important thing, then we truly believe that we're the guys that can help you best� all at a fair and reasonable price.

Our advice is to give us a quick call and we can probably ballpark your costs within our first conversation.

So who are you guys?

Originally established in 1996, Crescent Beach Productions, Inc. is a partnership between Roy Dahl and Michael Mediavilla, two long-time video professionals with extensive backgrounds in broadcast television, direct response marketing and corporate communications. Together, Roy and Michael bring a friendly, knowledgeable, hands-on approach to every project, along with over 30+ years of combined experience in production and marketing.

Where are you located?

Crescent Beach Productions is a full-service Long Island video production company with offices, edit suites and a pool of highly talented production professionals. We're based in central Long Island, conveniently near Islip Airport, but service clients all over Long Island, New York City and throughout the United States. We're proud of the comfortable surroundings we've created for our clients, and feel it's a casual environment that's conducive to creativity.

Who have you done work for?

We work with multi-billion dollar corporations, small start-up companies, and everything in between. Most of all, we're proud of the long-term relationships we've enjoyed with many of our clients like Nikon, CA, NBTY, Adecco, National Grid, Global Crossing as well as many smaller boutique businesses. Our clients enjoy the fact that we get to really know their businesses, their marketing strategy, and their products or services. In the end, we make their job easier and less stressful because they know we can pick up the ball and run with it.

What production services do you offer?

We start every project with a close look at your proposed target audience and a comprehensive assessment of your messaging. Next, we work together with you to create the content and develop a creative approach that resonates with your audience. From there, we move on to scripting and the various pre-production requirements.

For our location and studio productions, we work in a variety of different high-definition formats (virtually everything we shoot is HD), depending on project requirements and budgets. We've done everything from full-blown multiple-camera RED shoots with crews of over 40 people, to "one-man-band" single-camera "talking head" shoots. We work with virtually every current digital format including RED, P2, XDCAM, and HDV, as well as reliable tape standards such as DVCpro, DV or Betacam, if requested. And whatever new digital format is around the corner, we're fully scalable and prepared to take it on.

On the post-production side, our edit suites feature three AVID� Media Composer digital workstations, the industry standard for high-end broadcast and feature film editing, a completely portable AVID "road case" set up for on-site editing requirements, as well as two Apple� Final Cut Pro seats. Completed projects can be delivered in any required file format, ranging from DVD's and PowerPoint's to QuickTime's, WMV's and Flash files for the web.

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